I was born in Italy, spent six months there and went to live in Switzerland for another year before coming to Canada. I was raised in Toronto where I spent

most of my life. I have had two careers spanning 33 years. My work brought me to Germany for four years and the Middle East for six months.

My life has been vibrant and seems to go much too fast for my liking. I love to travel which has come to a halt after adopting two animals who had been

abused and now do not feel comfortable with others. But, I consider them a mini vacation each day.

I have always been motivated to help those in need. In my life guarding days as a teenager, the Royal Life Saving Motto was, "Whomever you see in distress,

recognize in him a fellow man." One person told me that my whole life has been a preparation for what I am doing now. I found that remark enlighteninng.

I love nature and have created my own oasis in my front and backyard. I enjoy writing and have poems and short stories published. I have published,

“Hey Guy Buy Me” which I wrote purely for fun, my second book, "For Love of Country - Military Policewoman" and my third book is "The Internet Murders."

These books may be bought on line at   I enjoy walking, swimming, dancing, social functions, and visiting museums and historical sites.

I also have fun exploring small towns. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and being in good company.

I like to relax by watching a good movie and reading.